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19th Jun 2017
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In our first article looking at driving organisational efficiency through learning , we explored how our latest benchmark report, Unlocking Potential, shines a spotlight on the behaviours of organisations that are achieving efficiency outcomes.
When we do this we see marked differences in who is and isn’t achieving outcomes related to efficiency. Our data shows us that 79% of Top Deck organisations (those companies in the top 10% of the benchmark) are achieving efficiency outcomes.
That contrasts with just 31% of the average across the benchmark.

So what are those efficiency achievers doing that is working so well?

Here we provide a graphic showing four tactics that work, that you can start using today.
Towards Maturity infographic

Tap into the resources you have available for free - participate in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Study and review your learning strategy, compare your performance and find out what actions you should be prioritising with your personalised benchmark report. 

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