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26th Sep 2019
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In my previous article (you can read it here ) I wrote about using a simple example to demonstrate the learning analytics process. The task is for a Head of L&D to report back on training compliance to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the organisation. The ficticious organisation is called XL, a provider of mental health support services.

To prepare the report the Head of L&D, we will call him Larry, starts from the first step in the learning analytics process, which is to clearly define the question he wants to answer with data. From speaking to the SLT, they want to know the compliance levels for statutory mandatory training across the organisation in percentages. Larry defines this as a question. Here is the question:

What are the compliance levels for statutory mandatory training in percentages across the organisation?

Now we have the question we want to answer with data clearly defined. From this question Larry can move onto the next step, which is to identify:

  • what data is needed,
  • where to get the data from, and
  • how to collect the data.

I will deal with the second step in my next post.


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